Visitor Insurance

Visitor Insurance

Don't Let The Unforeseeable Derail Your Trip Plans!

We’re glad to provide emergency medical coverage to immigrants and tourists to Canada. Count on us for any emergency medical needs you may encounter while you enjoy everything Canada has to offer. Enjoy the peace of mind that only travel can bring when you are on business or in pleasure.

iSmart Insurance provides you with various flexible and comprehensive travel insurance alternatives to meet your needs. Visitor insurance is a type of medical insurance that covers any new illness or accident while visiting a nation other than one’s own. Whether you’re traveling for work, studying abroad, or simply visiting friends and family, visitors’ insurance protects you against medical emergencies.  

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Many times, the nation of your origin will provide Visitor visa insurance. Still, you should be aware that you will have to pay first and then be reimbursed after filing a claim. This is not a guarantee that the claim will be approved. Almost all Canadian health insurance plans require you to pay a deductible. Still, they will pay the medical care provider directly, allowing you to focus on your recovery without worrying about money. Because a broker represents multiple Visitor insurance providers, you should always call a local broker to assist you in purchasing insurance. The iSmart staff will assist you in making an informed decision at the most reasonable price. To find out what coverage is appropriate for you, request a quote online or chat with one of our consultants. We’re insurance brokers, so we’re not committed to particular plans or policies. On your behalf, we’ll look for the best visitor coverage. We’ll then explain your options to you in clear English to make the most significant coverage decision possible. We have partnerships with some of Canada’s most reputable visitor insurance companies, so we can find you the best deal. 

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Some countries provide free medical care to both inhabitants and visitors. Unfortunately, the majority of countries do not. Suppose you have any mishaps, injuries, or diseases when traveling through another country’s borders. In that case, you might be out hundreds of thousands of dollars. Canadian destinations are challenging to navigate. Some health practitioners will refuse to visit you without a legitimate insurance policy. Purchasing a Visitors Insurance coverage will allow you to travel with confidence. 

Visitors and tourists to Canada are not entitled to free health care. Foreign visitors to Canada are required to have health insurance. In truth, in our country, healthcare without insurance can be incredibly costly! A single trip to the hospital can quickly set you back thousands of dollars. 


While traveling in and visiting Canada, health insurance protects visitors and tourists from unforeseen costs due to sudden illness, accidents, or other health and medical crises. 

Although policies differ from one provider to the next, conventional medical emergency coverage covers the following: 


  • Hospitalization and medical services in an emergency. 
  • X-rays and other diagnostic services. 
  • Getting around in an emergency. 
  • Dental work that is required urgently. 
  • As a result of a covered emergency, prescription medications are required. 

Our insurance partners generally offer the following insurance products for visitors to Canada: 


  • Coverage of up to $1 million for qualified emergency medical expenditures incurred while visiting Canada. 
  • Trips lasting up to 365 days are covered. 
  • Physician fees, X-rays, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Prescription Drugs, and more are covered under extended health care coverage. 
  • Coverage for dental emergencies, emergency hospitalization, and travel accidents, and others. 
  • Individual, couple, or family policies are available. 

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