Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance

Secure Yourself As Tenant

Are you moving into a new home? It is an exciting time, which comes with a lot of planning and doing. It’s crucial not to get caught up in the excitement and forget to organize your insurance. Yes, even if you don’t own your property, you should purchase tenants’ insurance to protect your possessions across Canada. This is especially important if you outfitted the house yourself.

While living in your leased home, renters’ insurance will safeguard your belongings from theft, loss, or damage. With iSmart insurance, you may get as many online quotations as you want to discover the coverage you need at the best price.

The iSmart expert Insurance team can help you get coverage for both your landlord’s property and your personal belongings. When you live in a shared home or apartment, tenant insurance protects you financially from any damage to your belongings by someone you don’t live with. Some landlords demand their renters to carry insurance, so check out iSmart’s contents insurance alternatives for a rental property from multiple Canadian insurers.

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Protect Your Belongings

Are you aware of how much your belongings are worth? Renting a home from a landlord or a shared apartment will require you to insure your things. To avoid any financial misfortunes, you must protect valuables like your bicycle, phone, clothes, and furniture. The business model of iSmart introduces automation and artificial intelligence to the insurance industry to offer a more modern and simplified experience. We’ve partnered with Canada’s top insurance carriers to provide thousands of renters with options for securing their tenancy term. With iSmart, you will get adequate protection at a competitive price.

If you live in leased housing, you may believe that your landlord is responsible for your insurance, but this is not the case — at least not for your personal possessions. It is your responsibility to ensure that your belongings are suitably protected against damage and theft.


The landlord does not have insurance covering you. The value of your jewelry, artwork, furniture, entertainment equipment, and other valuables will not be safeguarded. You should also insure yourself against personal liability for injuries to visitors to your home or damage to a neighbor’s property that you cause by mistake.


Tenants’ insurance protects a property’s Tenant from various risks and obligations. Additional protection can be included in this sort of coverage, such as financial protection in the event of theft of items, accidental property damage, or unintended bodily harm on the premises.


If a renter is sued, the insurance coverage will cover the costs of the Tenant’s defense as well as any damages granted to the injured party.

Tenants must inquire about the cost of renters insurance. Premiums range from $15 to $25 per month or $180 to $300 per year. The amount you pay is subject to the size of the rental property, the quantity of coverage, and the deductible you choose. Look at your budget and what you can’t afford to lose to find the correct balance for you if you desire to live a peaceful and happy life by being more focused on your goals. If that’s the case, you should consult an insurance expert to come up with the right coverage plan, made up of the exact estimation of your belongings.
Living expenses will cover your costs if you need to relocate due to an insured risk such as floods or fire: these extra living expenses and their associated costs (e.g., meals, delivery services, etc.).

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