Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa Insurance

Give Your Loved Ones Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

When traveling outside of your country and developing a health problem, you could face many financial difficulties. That’s why we have Super Visa Insurance for the sake of providing medical coverage for your parents and grandparents when they visit.

It is mandatory for holders of Super Visas to reap at the very least $100000 medical health insurance from a Canadian coverage company after arrival in Canada. It is an excellent way to cover the costs of hospitalization, hospital therapy, and repatriation for at least a year. 

The majority of Super Visa insurance coverage is only for medical situations. Our specialty is offering the best plans, which are truly comprehensive, covering not only medical emergencies but also non-medical crises from the top insurance carriers at the most affordable costs.

We are a leading Insurance brokerage in Alberta and help you getting plans/insurance products from the best Insurance providers. We care about finding plans that best meets your needs at the lowest possible prices. We operate in the client’s best interests, not the interests of insurance companies. The content on our website is carefully reviewed and edited; however, errors and omissions are regrettable. 

The parents and grandparents of Canadian citizenship holders can apply for insurance coverage through the Super Visa program.


The following is a list of what the program covers in general: 

  • Emergency medical. 
  • Hospital care. 
  • Emergency dental care. 
  • Diagnostic services such as x-rays. 
  • Prescription medication. 
  • Medical evacuation/emergency return home. 
  • Repatriation of remains. 
  • Travel assistance .
  • Special coverages. 

A few coverage policies may also cover non-emergency clinical charges, including eye tests.


If you suffer from any pre-existing health issues, make sure you compare all the guidelines before buying Super Visa coverage. 

Yes. Only parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents can get Super Visa Insurance. You must have an invitation from your child or grandchild in order to be eligible for a Super Visa. The child or grandchild must also demonstrate that it has the required income. Canadian government websites provide information on eligibility for super visas. If this is not applicable, you may want to consider obtaining visitor’s insurance – it’s the second best option to ensure a healthy stay. 

It is mandatory for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, to obtain Super Visa insurance before applying for a super visa.


There are a few requirements for super visa insurance:


  1. It is crucial that you obtain super visa insurance before you enter Canada if you want medical coverage in case of medical emergencies. In order to qualify for the program, policyholders must hold their policies for at least a year.
  2. A minimum of $100,000 of coverage must be carried by policyholders. Medical care, hospitalization, and repatriation. 
  3. Evidence of insurance payment must be provided. Quotes received from insurance companies are not accepted. 
  4. In order to apply for a supervise insurance policy, the following information needs to be provided.
  • Your place of residence in Canada is a point of interest. 
  • When you are traveling to Canada, it is recommended that you begin your insurance coverage the day before you arrive. 
  • Number of people traveling. 
  • Birth date of traveller. 
  • Your gender. 
  • Your applicant’s details. 
  • Preexistingconditions should be disclosed in detail (the insurer may ask for more information in some instances if they feel it necessary). 
  • Details of your contact information. 

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