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Student Insurance

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A student in a foreign country has no idea what to expect as they set off on their journey. Traditions, cultures, and the environment… They all seem to be different.
Prior to embarking on an exciting journey, you should have health insurance. Canadian citizens and permanent residents have access to free health care. Still, their services are mainly available to citizens and permanent residents. Studying in Canada, therefore, requires international students to purchase health insurance. The cost of hospital bills can add up to thousands of dollars for international students who don’t have sufficient insurance in Canada.
The iSmart insurance broker lets international students like you compare health insurance plans made specifically for international students. The quickest way to find the best rate is by using our expert services, saving money and time. Now is the time to get covered.

Let Us Insure You While You Focus On Education.

Our specialization is providing low-cost international student health insurance to international students studying in Canada. Call us today for information about international student medical insurance plans, including price, benefits, coverage, application, and purchase from Canada’s top insurance companies.
International students can use our network of top-rated insurance policies from many Canadian carriers to make sure they have adequate coverage to meet or exceed the requirements of their college or university. iSmart experts will help you with all the information and resources you need to decide your health care.
You can pick from various coverage options to suit your budget and demands. Full-time students have access to a range of coverage options, including medical expense, damage, or sickness insurance, ambulance expenses, emergency medical out-of-province benefits, prescription medicine reimbursement, repatriation benefit, and return home coverage. In addition to being comprehensive, our plans were created specifically for overseas students and are affordable. As part of providing our clients with the best service and expertise, we are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with them.
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When students become ill, get injured, or face other emergencies while studying in Canada, international student insurance can help cover these costs.


Obtaining international student travel insurance quotes is only possible for Canadian students. Visitors to Canada or Super Visa insurance are an excellent idea for those visiting Canada for a holiday or bringing guests.


The patient does not need a government health card to access free emergency care in all provinces and territories. Your immigration status may, however, affect the health services available to you.

You must prove that you meet the following criteria in order to qualify for foreign student insurance: 


  • Good health. 
  • Do not have federal health insurance coverage or are not eligible for benefits. 
  • 60% of the students’ coursework must be taken at a Canadian school, college, or university. 

Is it possible for international students to obtain a health card?

Students in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan who have been studying in Canada for at least six months are eligible for a health card. International students are not able to obtain health cards in other provinces.

Depending on where you study and how long you plan to stay in Canada, you may have to pay as little as $1 a day or as much as $2 a day to obtain international student health insurance.


With the wide range of insurance options, we can offer. We offer coverage options and cost comparisons for international student insurance on iSmart. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll get it for you.

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