Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Insuring Your Motorbikes

Canada is a motorcyclist’s paradise from coast to coast. However, distinct riding experiences come with unique problems. Every time you go on your bike, safety is a top priority. Still, no amount of planning can prepare you for a terrible, last-minute decision by another motorist. You want to be sure that your motorbike insurance policy provides the level of coverage you require if something goes wrong. Insurance is required for all motorcycle riders; riding on the road without it is strictly prohibited. We recognize that everyone is unique; you may be a seasoned rider with a long history of no claims or seek motorcycle insurance for young riders. However, there’s no reason to overpay for your motorcycle insurance. When it comes to selecting the best motorcycle insurance, there are numerous factors to consider. It entails asking the correct questions to identify your car usage and ensuring you are protected in most areas. In other words, when reviewing your coverage alternatives, make sure all the ifs and buts are crossed. Finding inexpensive and suitable coverage is a little easier with the help of the experts. You’ll not only save time learning about insurance, but you’ll also be able to choose your plan faster and more confidently, thanks to the assistance of a knowledgeable professional.

Get Your Motorcycle Rides Covered

It’s never been easier to protect your passion. When you ensure your motorcycle with iSmart Insurance, you can save up to 10-15% n your insurance compared to market prices! We represent the greatest motorcycle insurance companies in the country. With just one call to our agency, you’ll have peace of mind when out on the open road and only have to worry about after the sunsets. Whatever your needs are, our experts at iSmart will do the legwork for you, comparing the top insurance prices from Canada’s largest providers. It simply requires you to answer a few questions, and the iSmart team will match you with the most appropriate coverage for your next rides.
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A lot of factors can influence how much you spend on motorcycle insurance, including:


  • The make, model, type, and engine size of the motorcycle, scooter, or moped. 
  • Your age: the older you get, the less expensive your insurance will be. 
  • Your driving history and claims: This includes any traffic violations or points on your license. 
  • Whether you use your bike for commuting, work, or social purposes. 
  • Bike security, including locks, trackers, and alarms. 
  • The bike’s location: whether it’s housed in a safe garage or out on the road. 
  • Premiums can be increased by making performance-enhancing changes. 

You can even choose seasonal insurance if you drive only in the summer season. You can cancel your coverage in the middle of the term. However, most providers charge a cancellation fee, often greater than the money saved. This is because most motorcycle insurance companies recognize that the bike is usually only used in the summer. Thus, the premium is allocated to those months. 

You can also hunt for specialized insurers to cover your powered two-wheeler if you need to. Certain providers may include coverage for some but not all changes. In contrast, others may only offer coverage as an add-on. Any modifications that improve the power or speed of your motorcycle, on the other hand, will be regarded as a higher risk factor, and your premium will almost certainly increase.
No, you do not require a license to obtain insurance. Even if you don’t have motorcycle insurance, most insurance companies will offer you lower rates the longer you have a motorcycle license.

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