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Home Insurance

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Your home will most likely be your most expensive buy. Not only that, but it’s chock-full of your most prized possessions. Since every home is different, we offer several insurance options from Canada’s top insurance companies to ensure that homeowners, renters, and landlords have enough coverage. Many homes require specialized home insurance, which is why we provide affordable coverage that is suited to your individual requirements. We work with leading insurance carriers in Canada to get you some of the finest quotations available, whether you live in a flood-prone neighborhood or have a home with a thatched roof. 

iSmart Insurance is one of Canada’s leading specialty home insurance advisors, comparing over 100 insurers to get you high-quality, low-cost buildings and contents insurance for every situation you may encounter – especially if it is a little unusual. We examine different insurers to discover the appropriate level of coverage for you, whether you require buildings insurance, contents insurance, or an entire building plus contents policy. And if your requirements are unusual, we can generally provide competitive pricing where other organizations would struggle to even provide an estimate.
Although coverage varies by provider, most home insurance policies are divided into two basic categories: property and liability.
Damages to your tangible possessions are covered by property insurance. Liability insurance covers activities you take or events that occur in your house, whether you own it or rent it, and can protect you in the event of a lawsuit or claim. Insurers provide various levels of home insurance coverage, ranging from the most basic to the most comprehensive.
Many aspects go into determining which house insurance policy is best for you, so having a qualified resource on your side can help. Speaking with an expert is an excellent method to learn more about the many types of coverage available and to determine which ones are most applicable to your property.
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Getting a home insurance quote doesn’t have to take hours on the computer. That’s why we’ve made it easier and faster for you to get the coverage you need. Thanks to our nearly decade of industry knowledge, we know how to negotiate specialty house insurance that won’t break the bank. Get the best coverage for your needs by selecting the right plan online or calling our expert representatives.
Your property and everything inside it is protected with home insurance, including fixtures, fittings, and belongings. The policy protects you from theft, fire, and poor weather damage, as well as loss and damage to your personal belongings.
You get covered for all the risks. Insuring your house and belongings protects them from all sources of loss, except for those specifically listed as exclusions in your policy.

1. Keep all of your documentation close at hand

You’ll need your insurance policy number, any images of the missing or damaged products (if you have them), and any relevant receipts, quotations, or invoices to file a claim.


2. Inform us

You can file a claim online, via phone, or by email.


If you have an emergency, such as your home is not secure after a break-in, or it is unsafe to stay there due to damage, please contact us as soon as possible.


3. We’ll get back to you right away.

A representative from our team will contact you soon to resolve the situation. We will respond within four working hours if you submit a claim online.

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