Health & Dental Insurance

Health & Dental Insurance

Protection Of Personal And Family Health

The Provincial Government Health Insurance Program does not cover all healthcare costs, and they can mount up quickly. The cost of dental care and prescribed medicines cost Canadians billions of dollars each year. That is why, to make up the gap, Canadians must have health and dental insurance. We’ve been sourcing the greatest insurance plans for our consumers for decades, creating unique plans that no other supplier can match at unmatched pricing.
Although each province’s coverage varies, many routines and emergency medical services are still out of pocket for Canadians. The plans we offer range from basic to comprehensive, and the majority of them provide no-cost discounts on other health-related products and services. Our courteous and professional brokers will go over your individual needs and help you locate the supplemental health insurance that is right for you.
We’re Alberta’s best insurance brokers, which means we’ll shop around on your behalf for the best deal on the right plan for your individual needs. We’re not beholden to specific products or influenced by sales incentives, so we’re only looking out for your best interests. You can ask us any questions about insurance or filing a claim. We’re here to help.

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Having a plan can assist you in defraying the costs of many treatments and things associated with being well. Each situation is different, and you’ll need specialized benefits to ensure you get the coverage you need when you need it. Many types of insurance coverage can be incorporated into your personalized plan. This is when health insurance enters the picture.

It’s challenging to know which provider would supply you with the finest health and dental coverage. The problem is that there are numerous additional plans to pick from, each with varying levels of coverage. How can you pick one that’s ideal for your requirements? The hunt for such a plan can be time-consuming. It would be in your and your family’s best interests to contact an insurance broker who can explain your options.iSmart Insurance has built a reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations over the years by providing value-driven insurance solutions to our agents/brokers and customers, backed by exceptional customer service. Each of our insurance advisors works closely with you to create a customized strategy for you.
Health & Dental Insurance

Individual health insurance plans (sometimes known as “personal” or “family” health insurance) usually include the following features, some of which are optional:

  • Coverage for prescription drugs.
  • Dental coverage (basic, preventive, and major dental services).
  • Therapists and licensed professionals (e.g., physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc).
  • Long-lasting medical equipment (e.g., wheelchairs, prosthetics, etc).
  • Optical care (eyeglasses, exams, etc).
  • Insurance for travel.
  • Rooms in hospitals (semi-private and private).
  • Transport by ambulance (ground and air).
This varies depending on the insurance company you choose, but coverage typically begins the first day of the following month after your first payment installment is received.
There are a lot of plans, and you can choose a plan that meets your budget and requirements. It is possible that you can buy a plan that offers guaranteed coverage even if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Anyone can benefit from coverage that fills in the gaps left by provincial healthcare policies, such as:


  • Retirees who are no longer covered by their employer’s plan.
  • Self-employed Employees.
  • Part-time employees who aren’t covered by an employer’s plan.
  • Adult students who are no longer covered by their parents’ workplace plan.
  • Individuals who are switching from a group plan to an individual plan.

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