Event Insurance

Event Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage For Your Special Event

You’ll undoubtedly be tested on your patience, nerve, and stamina if you organize events. Weather, strikes, operational issues and transportation delays are just some factors that can affect an event’s success. Special events, such as weddings or memorial days, require careful preparation, especially when they are unique, unusual, or meticulously planned. Whatever the occasion, you should ensure you have adequate event insurance coverage to cover you in the unlikely event of a disaster. The Event Insurance plan offers low-cost, comprehensive event cancellation insurance and access to other event-related products such as liability, property, and money insurance. It covers the financial responsibilities of event organizers and locations. It provides practical help if an event must be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the insured’s control. 

Every time you gather a large crowd for an event, you’re putting yourself in danger. The hazards are real, whether it’s someone falling and being hurt, a guest getting food illness from your supplied products or property damage to a hosting location. Successful event planners understand that event insurance is an integral part of the planning process. They won’t take a chance with the possibility of massive payouts from liability lawsuits. Specific event insurance and risk management can help you prevent the negative consequences of certain situations. Our experience at iSmart allows us to fully equip your event from the start. We draw on our experience insuring horse (huge) events with Canada’s leading insurance providers, so you can have faith in our abilities as we make sure every contingency is covered.
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Organize Great Events Without Taking The Risk

From school carnivals to international fairs and festivals, our range of bespoke events insurance is available for your every need. As normal, public and employers’ liabilities are covered, with additional coverage available for terrorism and severe weather. 

Contact iSmart’s specialized staff for genuine guidance and coverage. You can trust us for insuring your upcoming event in Alberta. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a charity walk, a coffee morning for parents, or a charity walk, let us assist you and your organizers. 

If you are involved in an event claim, your legal fees and payouts can be costly, so this risk must be covered. These events include weddings, birthday parties, music festivals, film festivals, concerts, family reunions, film shoots, theatre productions, craft exhibits, and other activities. Before an event host can set foot on an event venue, they need event liability insurance. 


In general, the cost of an event policy varies depending on the kind of event, how many attendees are expected, whether alcohol will be served, and the amount of statutory liability. Starting at just $100, we can find you the coverage you need. 

The process is simple, and we’ll get your claim processed as soon as possible if you need to file a claim. 


  1. Locate your insurance documentation and double-check that you have all of your information, including your policy number, on hand.
  2. Call the claims department and tell them what happened.
  3. If required, provide images to aid in our understanding of what occurred as promptly as possible.

We cover a wide range of events, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Ceremonies, Weddings, and Receptions.
  • Birthday Celebrations.
  • Christmas & Holiday Parties.
  • Dry Grad Events.
  • Concerts.
  • Theatre Performances.
  • New Year’s Eve Parties.
  • Reunions.
  • Tournaments in E-Sports and Gaming, as well as other activities.

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