Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Protect The Future Of Your Loved Ones

Any person at any age can be affected by a critical illness that can completely change their life. Having a backup plan in place might help ease some of the financial burdens that come with being unable to work due to a serious illness. Some people may rely on their savings to cover their lost income, while others may find living benefits as the best alternative. If you are diagnosed with certain critical illnesses, you will need the right coverage to maintain your family’s financial stability in case of a long illness. 

Critical Illness Insurance provides a financial cushion against long-term and life-threatening illnesses such as heart attack or stroke or the loss of body parts or cancer. Your specific circumstances and the financial impact of having a critical illness diagnosis will determine how much coverage you require. Having family members who depend on you & the type of sickness are major considerations. You may be covered by provincial insurance or your employer’s sick pay. It may, however, not be enough to cover all of your needs.  

A Step Towards Safety

As it’s tough to predict the type of sickness before it happens, it’s a good idea to estimate how much financial cushion you’ll need for your household needs, at least for a year, to know the right amount of coverage. 

Advisors at iSmart Insurance can help you make your informed decisions by giving you the best advice. Moreover, as an advisor, we work for you, not the insurance company. Our advisors will take you through the many forms of coverage in an easy-to-understand manner. You will receive immediate, personalized advice and assistance in selecting the appropriate policy. We at iSmart Insurance aim to help you in picking the right Critical Illness Insurance in Alberta at the most affordable cost. 

Our team understands that you want to make sure your insurance coverage covers everything important to you. We can cover a wide range of critical illnesses for you and your partner, and we can provide individual or combined coverage. We can reassure you that your insurance is the proper one by getting to know you and your circumstances in depth. 

Critical Illness Insurance

How Can I file a claim?

A severe illness is not always life-threatening, but it is almost always life-altering. Each insurer has its own set of definitions; thus, some may cover specific illnesses while others may not. To find out which critical illness plan is ideal for you, speak with one of our advisors. 

Before providing coverage, insurers will consider a variety of variables. Age, profession type, overall health, smoking status, and risky hobbies or diversions will all play a role. If you choose a guaranteed premium, once the insurer has offered conditions and a monthly premium has been agreed upon, that is the price you will pay each month for the duration of the policy. Because every provider is different, it’s better to speak with one of our advisors to ensure suitable insurance coverage for your needs. 

  • We take the stress and hassle out of finding critical illness insurance. 
  • We provide a welcoming, competent, and caring service. 
  • You’ll get the best coverage because you have access to the whole market. 
  • Assist with documentation and conduct policy reviews regularly. 
  • We can work around your time and communication preferences since we are adaptable. 
  • You just need to answer a few simple questions, and the brokers at iSmart will deal with the rest of the things. 

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