Auto Glass Insurance

Auto Glass Insurance

Broken Glass? We Will Help You Fix It

It’s not uncommon for your car’s windshield to get dinged or cracked. A shattered windshield can inconvenience anyone. It may happen that you jump over another car’s bumper or a pebble flies into your glass, escalating a minor crack into many cracks. 

Car glass replacement, particularly in luxury cars or SUVs, can be costly, but not if you have the correct insurance. Even though current windshields are tough and don’t fracture readily when hit, if one does, you should have your windshield fixed. You should note that insurance policies do not cover vehicle glass replacement or repairs in Alberta, Canada. 

You may have parked your automobile near a sports venue, a construction site, or an old tree, only to discover it chipped or broken later. Chips and cracks in your windshield represent additional costs that must be addressed as soon as possible. You must replace your windshield or face a fine for driving with a broken windshield. And without insurance, it can cost an arm and a leg. The help of the right auto glass coverage from the best insurance companies is the best way to deal with your vehicle’s broken glass. 

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When it comes to insurance reimbursement, the cause of the crack or chip will influence whether you receive a repair or a replacement. A comprehensive automobile insurance policy typically covers vandalism, weather damage, and other types of damage. Before buying a replacement, you should check your car insurance coverage. 

Get An Auto Glass Insurance Quote

Our expert team at iSmart insurance will assist you whether your windshield with a quick auto glass vehicle insurance quote today from top insurance carriers and secure your loved car and your next rides. Do not hesitate to contact iSmart experts so we can explain to you everything you would like to know. iSmart insurance, as an insurance broker, does not set your prices; instead, we negotiate with several insurance carriers to locate the best coverage for your needs. 

How Can I file a claim?

The below list describes what general auto coverage usually plans cover. Your windshield will be repaired or replaced whether it has just a tiny chip or is completely damaged.
  • Windows on the sides and back

    It is not uncommon for more than the windshield to be damaged. They’ll be fixed or replaced at your request.

  • Other windows and sunroofs

    The roof glass of your vehicle will be made leak-proof and completely functional.

  • What isn’t included in auto glass coverage insurance?

    A separate claim is required for any damage to the headlight, taillight, side markers, fog lights, and other glass parts.

Windshield replacement insurance or whole glass coverage premiums can differ. Your comprehensive auto policy will automatically include complete glass coverage in some provinces. In provinces like Alberts, this coverage is not included in auto insurance and thus you should buy a separate insurance.  

If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, you may be able to fix it if the crack or chip is: 

  • It’s only around six inches long.
  • The diameter is less than a quarter of an inch.
  • Not in the driver’s line of vision or on the windshield’s edge.

The crack or hole is repaired by injecting a hot resin into it. If your policy offers comprehensive coverage, these repairs may be completed at no cost to you. If the repair isn’t satisfactory or the crack or chip is too extensive to repair, the windshield can be replaced. Your deductible, however, may apply. 

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